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A Month in Review

The Rev. Morgan Allen
May 23, 2019

Dear Trinity Church and friends,


What a joy it has been to worship with you these first four weekends of our ministry together!  And what a privilege to have preached those same Sundays.  Collectively, I hope a purposeful arc might now be discernable:


On our first Sunday, we encountered the disciples huddled in a locked room and, giving thanks to God that we need not be perfect for Jesus to commission us, I made the appeal that we need everyone to pile in and buckle up for this Trinity Church roadtrip before us – realizing the importance of our Kingdom destination, while also recognizing that our belovedness on the journey is, itself, an essential end;


on our second Sunday, we joined Jesus’ Resurrection breakfast broil on the beach, and giving thanks to God for the ministry of the Trinity Boston Foundation, I invited us to resist the temptation to seek cultural relevance, and to pursue, instead, ministries of consequence, the righteous transformation of the culture;


on our third Sunday, we heard Jesus announce that he is the Good Shepherd, and, giving thanks to God for membership in this flock, I challenged our instinct to run the altruistic hamster wheel in an effort to earn what we receive as a gift, and encouraged us to nurture, instead, our being as God’s beloved;


and, on our fourth Sunday together, we heard Jesus preparing his disciples for their ministry after his death, and, giving thanks to God for “the new commandment” to love one another, I encouraged us to be “knights of faith,” believing in the power of love to redeem and renew ourselves, our parish, and the whole world.


As you now receive this message, I am readying for my return to Texas, and, during the next week, my family and I will pack all our stuff before the movers load the truck at our Austin house.  Soon thereafter, we will begin our cross-country trek to Boston, aiming to join you “Into the Trinity-verse” at our Parish Weekend June 14-16.  Between now and then, we Allens welcome your prayers for us, and you can count on our offering the same for you!  And, if you missed one of these first Sundays, I hope you will follow the links above and read these sermon texts so that we might continue this conversation we have started and this grand adventure we have launched together.


Believing that with God, all things are possible,


The Rev. Morgan S. Allen,



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