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Look for Light Forum Series: Continue

February 13, 2023


January and February can feel awfully dark to us in New England, with the street lights lit by mid-afternoon. Even so, the day is at work to overcome the night, even if we can't immediately see it!  Join us as we Look For Light this Epiphany season. From  January 15 through February 12 we will explore stories of dawn – literal and metaphoric – in the Hebrew and Christian Testaments. Find hope in the promise of God, and in community, here at Trinity. 


These lecture-style programs during our Sunday Formation hour will begin at 11:15 am in the Church, allowing us to livestream and record the presentations.

Tune in at trinitychurchboston.org/live-worship or on our Facebook page


February 12

“Look!  He is coming with the clouds …” 

Continue (Revelation 1), The Rev. Abi Moon


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