Date/Time: At 10 am and at 6 pm

Church porches & grounds, 10 am & 6 pm

Join fellow Trinitarians of every age for some long-delayed joy out in the fresh air on Sunday mornings and at the close of the day. Mindful of current COVID restrictions, we’ve planned fellowship and formation to be out of doors or sheltered by our porches. All programming welcomes all ages. Families may opt to stay together or participate in activities or small group conversations individually.


Sept. 19: What Tells Our Stories in the World to Come?

"If history were taught in the form of stories," wrote Rudyard Kipling, "it would never be forgotten." On Sunday, September 19, we invite you to bring in an object (or a photo of an object) that tells your story from the past 18 months. During our Formation time, we will be gathering in small groups to share the stories of these objects as a way of telling each other and the Trinity of the future about the struggles, insights and lessons of the COVID era. Does your dog's leash remind you of extra walks during lockdown? Is that handknit scarf a symbol of a new hobby taken up as the world was shutting down? Maybe your Charlie Card or a set of car keys illustrates your role as an essential worker. We want to see it! Families and households should feel free to bring in an object for each person or to choose one or more objects that tell their family or group story. Contact: Beth Folsom (