The Great Trinity Candlemas Crepe-Off

Date: January 28, 2022
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Off-site Location



In a number of traditions, the Christmas season extends beyond the Feast of the Epiphany to Candlemas Day, when we remember the presentation of Jesus in the Temple.  And one of the traditional foods eaten at Candlemas is crepes!  This year Candlemas falls on Wednesday, February 2.  Dust off (or go find) your favorite crepe recipe and join us for an intergenerational celebration and friendly contest in the Great Trinity Candlemas Crepe-off the prior Friday evening, January 28. (Psst: rumor has it that you can buy crepes ready-made at the grocery story. This is Zoom, so who’s to know?).  

We will gather briefly at 5:30 pm for introductions and instructions.  All will then be off to our kitchens to create our most delicious, creative crepe dishes.  We’re back at 7 pm with our panel of Crepe Judges.  Be ready to share about your crepe dish’s taste, presentation, ingredients, recipe history, etc. Categories for judging might include: sweet, savory, best-looking, most unusual, and best use of “local” ingredients. 


Or dial in with 1-646-558-8656  and enter Meeting ID: 815 2637 9008 and passcode 602930.