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April 25, 2021

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Registration will remain open until the evening of Tuesday, May 4. Group hosts will receive their rosters shortly after that and will be in touch by email with the members of each group to schedule your first session.

A Pandemic Year: What Do We Make of It? 

Hosted by Margot Thorp 

 As COVID-19 moves beyond the lock-down experience we have shared this year, how are we beginning to understand what it has meant for us? Perhaps we are looking back with a great mix of feelings, at new routines adopted and old routines tossed, or at fresh and/or revised perspectives, priorities, and commitments. Perhaps you are looking at your faith life too: how it has changed, adapted, receded, or returned? Every one of us has been “sharing” the pandemic experience since last March, nearly a full year of radically altered living. Let’s come together to create a “gallery of conversations” about where we have been, how we have managed (or not), which scriptural passages or works of art have been resonating for us. What will we retain? What will we leave behind? 


All Politics is (Personal): Political Difference, Compassion and Grace                                                                                                  

Hosted by Michael Pizziferri 

In this highly charged political atmosphere, our call as Christians to love our neighbor seemingly grows more difficult - even more so when we disagree on what we consider foundational. This challenge can be compounded when political disagreements tear at our family relationships, widening intergenerational gaps and cultural differences. No matter your political views, this group will be a space to navigate our varied approaches to those we love who hold different political opinions. How do we stay in relationship with those who think differently than we do? How do we engage with the intent to understand, not to rebut?  How can we follow Jesus' example to listen with compassion and grace? 


 Faith and Recovery 

Hosted by Gary Sandison and Christopher Atwood 

 Are you in recovery? Or are you supporting someone dear to you in recovery? Join us to share and to reflect on how our particular faith can inform our freedom from alcohol or drugs. What has worked for you? How do prayer, serenity and even joy enter in? We’ll be together in a confidential context and each session will include shared prayer. 


Forgiven and Forgiving 

Hosted by Pam Colwell 

 Forgiveness has the power to heal and change lives – and as Bill Rich observed in a recent sermon on “doubting” Thomas, forgiveness also has the power to lead us into life beyond labeling others and into wider and more generous futures. In our three meetings, we’ll share our responses to L. William Countryman’s short book, Forgiveness and Forgiving, and consider how judgment, labeling, forgiveness and healing may be in play in our own lives and in our recent national life. 


Grandparents, Past and Present                                                                                                  

Hosted by Grace Clark and Marva Nathan  

Did you know the number of grandparents in the US is estimated to be 80 million, nearly 1 in 3 adults? Whether you are one of them or not, join us to contribute to a stimulating group conversation about grandparenting – your own experience or your memories of being a grandchild yourself. Before our first session, please find a poem or song (perhaps listen to Bill Withers’ “Grandma’s Hands” on YouTube) that holds meaning for you and that you’d be willing to share.  


The Words We Live By 

Hosted by Ralph Hughes and Janet Powell 

 Is there a passage of scripture to which you return again and again? Perhaps you know it both as biblical text and as hymn. Has its meaning and message changed as you have grown? Over these three sessions we will offer and open these passages to one another, come to know each other, and together venture more deeply into sacred text. 


Travel As A Journey Of Faith                                                                      

Hosted by Barbie Savacool and Sue Carman 

Frederick Buechner says that “if you want to know who you are, watch your feet. Because where your feet take you, that is who you are.” What journeys have you taken that have informed your faith and helped shape who you are? Pilgrimages to holy places, trips to or with family members, visits to scenic, historic, or natural destinations? Where have you met Jesus in unexpected places? What physical or spiritual gifts remain with you when you return home? Let’s gather to share our adventures and discoveries and consider where our feet may be taking us next as journeys once more become possible. 


Your Spiritual Autobiography: Contemplate, Craft, Share                                   

Hosted by Helen Netos 

As we begin to emerge from a year plus of pandemic living, this is an opportunity to notice and reflect on the course of your entire spiritual life: your relationship with God as it began, how it was nurtured (or not), what support or encouragement you valued, what fruits were borne, what stumbling blocks you encountered, how you understand that relationship now. Using a suggested method or devising your own, we will work independently, then share whatever we wish of our spiritual autobiographies with the group. This group will meet on four Mondays for 90 minutes, specific dates to be determined by the group.