Is Inequality Bad for Our Health?

3rd Annual Anne Berry Bonnyman Symposium - 2017

The mission of the Anne Berry Bonnyman Symposium is to give Trinity Church a living platform for addressing systemic racism in our church and community. Produced each year, this event includes various activities to strengthen the resolve and the dedication required to create a community anchored in our deepest Christian beliefs. The Symposium honors the Reverend Anne Berry Bonnyman (Trinity Rector, 2006-2012) for her active commitment to social justice and the eradication of racism.


In 2017, the 3rd annual Bonnyman Symposium, "Is Inequality Bad for Our Health?," was November 11 and 12.  For more information, Visit the Symposium Facebook page.

Event materials including Agenda, Speakers' Bios, and a recommended Resources List for articles, books, documentaries, and talks related to Health, Health Care, and the inequities resulting from systemic racism, can be found as attachments at the bottom of this page.

Visit the WGBH website to view the talk given by Rep. Jeffrey Sánchez.


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