Annual Campaign

2022 Annual Giving

This program year at Trinity, we have all been invited to imagine the Life of the World to Come. It is an inspiring way to think about the opportunity before us. While the pandemic continues to redefine “normal” life for most of us, this disruption has created an opportunity to define what is “normal” anew. How can we emerge from the pandemic in such a way that we move this world, and our role in it, closer to God’s hope for us? Is it a life that is more loving, and more giving or caring? Is it a life that is more equitable? What new ways of being and insight from this unprecedented time will we carry forward?  

Daring to imagine the life of the world to come and aligning ourselves with that vision is a big task, one too big for any individual, but one in which each of us has a role and that requires the collective effort of our Trinity community. In many ways, we have all been focused on what is next for the last year and a half. We have all kept our attention laser-focused on the ways to keep ourselves, our loved ones, our fellow parishioners and communities safe and connected. We have all imagined our post-pandemic release and reemergence as we continue in this prolonged transition. This moment of prolonged transition is what makes this year’s program theme so powerful. We have not yet returned to a pre-pandemic life, a so-called back to normal. We are all still very much living a life wondering what is next and what is possible. Each increment of next, however small, and our response to it, is shaping the life of the world to come. 

Sustaining the Life of the World to Come. We invite you to fill out and return this year’s pledge card via mail or make your pledge online. Though we are all defining what the life of the world to come may be, we can almost be certain that we will all have to give something to live into it. Your pledge is a symbol of the commitment that will be needed to bring about the life of the world to come. All gifts, large and small, are needed to create and sustain the life we envision and to lovingly and faithfully respond to what is next.  

It is a lot to anticipate what is next and to respond to it by creating a better world, but that is a part of God’s plan for us and we are excited about the possibilities. On behalf of the Stewardship Committee, we thank you in advance for all you do for Trinity Church. We look forward to what is next at Trinity and shaping the Life of the World to Come, together! 

Thank you for your faithful stewardship of Trinity Church.

As you prayerfully consider your pledge, please watch and listen to these stewardship testimonials from the 2022 campaign:

Dr. Waihay Wong

Mr. Josh Fiala

Mr. Godwin Chukwu

Mrs. Barbara Dortch-Okara


And from our 2021 campaign:

Ebi Okara,

Julianne and Henry Vidaver,

Bill and Cindy Mackey,

Chris Parris.


The following information explores the concept of pledging more fully. For further information, please contact the Stewardship Office. 


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

The role of the Stewardship Committee is to foster and promote Trinity Church's understanding of stewardship as a way of life.