Members of the ART chat with young Boston leaders of color at the Anne Berry Bonnyman Symposium in 2016.

Anti-Racism Team

CLICK HERE for a list of recommended reading and viewing that we can do on our own or in small groups (theology, cultural analysis, and history as well as online resources and talks).


The Anti-Racism Team (ART) examines our own individual, institutional, and cultural racism that perpetuates a state of inequity and division in our society, and promotes understanding and action for deep healing and true transformation. We see this as part of God's work. 

To engage parishioners and the public in conversation and to stimulate a more comprehensive understanding of systemic racism**, ART produces events such as the Anne Berry Bonnyman Symposia and publications such as "The Anti-Racism Prayer Book" compilation, and "Trinity Church Boston: Facing the Reality of Our Past."

**Systemic racism is not the same as individual race prejudice and bigotry. All of us, regardless of racial and/or ethnic identity, have racial prejudices. It is part of the air we breathe. Racial prejudice becomes racism when one group's racial prejudices are enforced by the systems and institutions of a society, thereby giving power and privilege based on skin color to the group in power, and limiting power and privilege of the racial groups not in power.

Ministry Leaders: Stephanie Bode-Ward and Sonja Komar-Lay