Serve the City: Education and Opportunity

At Trinity Church Boston, we don't love and serve others because they are Christians. We do it because we are—and because we know that learning about and learning from others creates ever-widening circles of connection, community, and caring. Several of our outreach ministries focus on advancing quality education for underserved populations. Tutoring and mentoring prisoners. Preparing teens for rigorous admissions tests to Boston's prestigious public high schools. All of it takes effort, energy, and the vision that education advances opportunity for all. Won't you join in our efforts?

Due to the coronavirus, we regret that our social justice ministries have had to take a pause for the the health and well-being of all. We hope and pray that these ministries can soon return to active status, as we all await the waning of the virus.

College Behind Bars is a mentoring program that helps prisoners earn their college degrees.

Run with Sole Train: Boston Runs Together!

Support children in two of Boston’s public elementary schools as they learn to read, write, and explore math and science.

In 2015, Trinity volunteers helped establish a library at the McCormack Middle School, where previously there wasn't one.