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Mary Davenport Davis
May 8, 2017
Organist and fellow church nerd David Sinden has written a thoughtful and provoking post on electronic organs and the ways they function as a mirror of our world. On some level, this is fairly inside-baseball stuff.Read More >
Mary Davenport Davis
March 25, 2017
Note: The texts discussed here can be found in Genesis 16; Genesis 21:8-21; and Luke 1:26-56. This is a long post. I tried to make it shorter, but I didn't have time.   i. Don't Be AfraidRead More >
Mary Davenport Davis
February 28, 2017
The final Saturday of Epiphany is a warm, spring-like day. I’ve spent the morning completing a sequence of 108 Sun Salutations in an Epiphany Yoga Retreat at Trinity, and my body feels lithe and capable in a way that’s rare for me. I’m aware both of the hard work I’ve done and of the reserves ofRead More >
Mary Davenport Davis
February 8, 2017
When you fall in love with someone, you come to know them in many different ways. Perhaps you started with a fairly direct and formal relationship, and as your love builds you begin to long to grow closer to them over a shared meal, inside jokes, quiet moments of meditation.Read More >
Mary Davenport Davis
January 5, 2017
We are anxious people, living in an anxious age.Read More >

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