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Camp Trinity: Many Members, One Body

The Rev. Morgan Allen
June 10, 2020

From: Programs at Trinity 

What: Camp Trinity: Many Members, One Body 

When and Where: Wednesday-Sunday, July 29-August 2 via a Zoomy blend of indoors and outdoors, screen and no screen formation, fellowship, and fun 

Who: All ages invited! Programming in four cohorts: 

  • Children (pre-K through rising 3rd graders) 

  • The Edge (rising 4th-6th graders) 

  • Youth (rising 7th-9th graders) 

  • Adults 

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June 9, 2020 

Dear Trinity Church and Friends, 

Tuesday greetings! 

 A recent New Yorker cartoon gave me grim chuckle a few weeks ago. In it, the allegorical figure of Death stands outside an apartment door, cowled as usual and with scythe at the ready. A clearly terrified couple stands in their just-opened doorway. “Relax,” says Death. “I’m only here for your summer plans.” 

Summer plans – as this particular summer begins – may seem frivolous or entirely beside the point just now, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues and as our nation moves more deeply into a tragically overdue and deeply serious confrontation of racial inequity. And, yet, I find myself coming back again and again to the rhythms of Jesus’ active ministry. “Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while,” he tells the twelve (Mark 6:31) -- this just after the state-sanctioned murder of their friend and ally John the Baptist. Healthy ministry, healthy life includes active engagement and building a more beloved community with our intimates, near and far. 

And retreat from the quarantine routine – for parishioners and friends of every age -- is exactly what we plan to offer our entire community from Wednesday, July 29 to Sunday, August 2. We hope that you can plan to be with us! In a summer when beloved destinations such as the Barbara C. Harris Camp and Tanglewood will necessarily be still, we are planning four days of joyful fellowship, creative bible study, small-group reflection, crafts, games and guided, off-line meditation. CAMP TRINITY takes as its theme “Many Members, One Body” and we will explore own Christian identity in four distinct dimensions as these four days progress: ourselves, our families (both of origin and “chosen”), our neighbors, and our world. 

While we are planning distinct schedules and activities for distinct age groups (lower elementary, upper elementary, middle school and adults with high schoolers serving as counselors in training), this planning assumes both worship and engaging check-ins online each day, as well as activities we can each do in our own locations and on our own daily schedules. We’re planning a brief noon-day prayer each day for the entire parish, built around the theme’s shared scripture of the day, culminating with special worship on Sunday morning. One evening will feature a talent show -- so shine your tap shoes or pull that guitar out from under the bed! We’re even planning, in the tradition of our annual parish weekend, an opening campfire and s’mores (fear not: manageable on a backyard grill or in an apartment microwave!). 

Together as Trinity Church we are beginning a summer that will be like no other we have known. The physical distancing that public health still requires of us, though, doesn’t mean that we won't continue to companion and comfort each other, to grow in love and faith together, and to find joy with one another. We believe our Trinity beloved community makes for a more beloved world, and we want you with us – so to let us know that you are interested in hearing more about CAMP TRINITY by clicking here. And relax. We’re only here for your summer plans. 

See you in church! 

Patrick Ward 

Senior Associate for Program