This Lent, the Trinity Climate Action Network invites you to expand your Lenten practice to include daily actions that connect you to greater Creation Care by limiting the global warming emissions in your food, transportation, and electricity. In each of these areas, there are ways to decarbonize how we live—to exercise our power as consumers and begin to transform our economy to reduce the harms that global warming poses to our communities, now and in the future. And to help us along, each week during Lent members of TCAN will share links to useful and informative articles around the internet on this blog. First up:


As you may know, 2017 was one of the hottest years on record

Increased global temperatures exacerbated extreme weather events such as Hurricane Harvey and wildfires in California.

No one expected the levels of flooding experienced along the Boston waterfront caused by super-storm Grayson.


We all have a role to play today. Visit our Carbon Fast table at coffee hour Sunday mornings during Lent to learn more.