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The Rev. Morgan Allen
June 30, 2020



Dear Trinity Church and friends,


Happy summer! 


As the weather gets warmer and daylight stretches longer, I’m reminded that though many of the familiar markers of spring looked very different than usual this year, summer has arrived at our doorstep once again. While I am happily welcoming the sunny weather, it’s also tinged with some sadness and disappointment – that the usual gatherings of family and friends must be postponed, favorite places will remain distant, and injustice continues to exacerbate every pandemic suffering. 


Our faith reminds us to call on God, to lean on each other for help, and to use our gifts and talents for the common good. In just this spirit, parish leaders have been hard at work planning Camp Trinity, a camp-from-home program for all ages taking place July 29-August 1, with the theme of “Many Members, One Body.” 


Camp wouldn’t be complete without counselors, and we’re thrilled to welcome Charlie, Michael, Tina, and Avery to the Camp Trinity team this summer. All four have worked at the Barbara C. Harris Camp, our Diocesan Episcopal camp and conference center, in Greenfield, NH. They’ll be bringing their experiences of leading faith formation, activities, and music to our community this summer. Read on to meet our BCH counselors: 

Name: Charlie Groves 

Hometown: Walpole, MA 

Current favorite movie?: Good Will Hunting  

A fun fact about me: I am really good at making people think I’m going to choose them in a game of duck duck goose. 


Name: Michael Fenn 

Hometown: Medford, MA 

Current favorite book?: The Hidden Life of Trees 

If I had to be one half one animal and another half a different animal: Top half slug, bottom half horse. 

A fun fact about me: I have about a dozen friendship bracelet patterns committed to memory. 


Name: Thonvathany (Tina) Seng  

Hometown: Fall River, MA 

Pancakes or waffles?: Waffles! 

A fun fact about me: I have been in theatre since kindergarten! 


Name: Avery Nasworthy 

Hometown: Ayer, MA 

Pancakes or waffles?: French Toast 

Current favorite movie?: Whiplash 

A fun fact about me: I practically live in a zoo: we have two cats, plenty of fish, some rats, a rabbit, and a corn snake. 


In addition to these new companions, your Trinity staff is looking forward to spending this week with you: Morgan will lead our opening “campfire” and our closing events; Bill, Karen, Paige, and Patrick, will each lead one day of our adult programs; and all of us will be active in our time together, from worship to crafts, on the stage and behind the curtain. 


Wondering what a day at Camp Trinity will look like? Here’s a sample schedule to give you a preview: 


  • Mornings: Groups meet in their age cohorts to talk about the theme of the day (Our selves, our families, our neighbors, and our world) 
  • Noon: Community worship with music and reflections from fellow parishioners 
  • Afternoons: Free choice! Choose from suggested offline activities for your age group, or join an intergenerational elective on Zoom. 
  • Evenings: End the day with an all-camp game or activity – it's never too early to start preparing for the talent show! 


We’re so excited about camp and hope you are too! There’s no cost to participate, and it’s easy to sign up by filling out this short form. If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you by July 9. Friends and relatives from beyond Trinity are very welcome to join, as well.


All best,


Sarah Neumann

Minister for Youth and Young Adults