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Update from Visitor Services: With Challenge Comes Opportunity

The Rev. Morgan Allen
July 14, 2020

July 14, 2020

Dear Trinity Church and friends, 


So what happens when your ministry is to greet and educate visitors who enter the church – upwards of 70,000 people per year! – and then the Covid-19 virus strikes, and we must close the doors to the church?  Well, we adapt and we re-envision what it means to welcome, to greet, and to educate during these troubled times. 


Your Trinity Church Visitor Services has set as its goal the sharing of the historic significance and present-day relevance of the art and architecture of our beautiful worship home. This mission includes recounting those who laid the stones, set the glass, and painted the murals that comprise our sacred space, as well as telling the stories of all the people who have worshiped on Copley Square for nearly 150 years. 


Since March 12, 2020, our doors have been closed, and, as we move into what would have been the height of tourist season for the church (and, indeed, Greater Boston), we are discerning what is possible now, while knowing that the short- and mid-term futures remain uncertain. We have taken heart that our trials are not unique, and we have been diligent in networking with other houses of worship, historic institutions, and participating in brainstorming sessions with organizations like the Preservation Alliance and the Boston Back Bay Association. We are sharing our best ideas and providing encouragement to one another, always aware that we are all in this together. 


It is an understatement to say that we miss the interactions with you and with our visitors from around the world. It is with pride and pleasure that our outstanding docents customarily offer tours of our building. In the same spirit, our vendors are energetic partners in our creation of unique, Trinity-inspired merchandise for our gift shop. And we were well on our way to expanding our audio tour options with a new French translation, in addition to our current versions in English, Spanish, and Mandarin. 


Through the Visitor Services Facebook and Instagram we continue to share stories of the building and of its people, and we hope that you will follow us to stay in touch. On these platforms, we have invited our docents and talented colleagues to produce content that will engage a broad audience. We are currently producing an online, virtual tour of the church that incorporates the original audio tour recorded by parishioner, David McFerrin, and of course, we always look forward to being with you on Sunday mornings for Worship from Home. 


These are certainly challenging times but keep in mind often that with challenge comes the potential for opportunity. We in Visitor Services look forward to exploring these opportunities as they emerge for our church and the world.  


All our best, 

Donna Stenwall 

Manager of Visitor Services 

Cynthia Staples 

Supervisor of Visitor Services and Research and Development