Holy Week Sermon Series: The Will of God

Date: April 2, 2023
10:00 am to 11:00 am

Be ready for Part I of Rector Morgan Allen's Holy Week Sermon series. How do we make sense of a world that crucifies God? And how do we understand a God who submits to crucifixion? Trinity’s Rector, Morgan Allen, will draw on the work of English theologian Leslie Weatherhead and explore God’s will in three Holy Week sermons:

Sun., Apr. 2 (Palm Sunday): “The Intentional Will of God”
Thurs., Apr. 6 (Maundy Thursday): “The Circumstantial Will of God”
Sun., Apr. 9 (Easter Day): “The Ultimate Will of God”

The Rev. Leslie Weatherhead served as minister of City Temple, London, from 1936-1960.  During World War II, Weatherhead wrestled with the collision of a loving God and the reality of war, and he published The Will of God in 1944.