The Task Force for Justice and Reparations Forum Series: Part III

Date: May 15, 2022
11:15 am to 12:00 pm


The Task Force for Justice and Reparations at Trinity Church Boston aims to address the benefits afforded to us by the accumulation of wealth associated with slavery and the slave trade.  We acknowledge our full history as we seek repentance, reparation, and racial justice.


Convened by the Rector and Senior Warden during the summer of 2020, the Task Force for Justice and Reparations has explored the anti-Black racism wrought in our community-facing countenances and endowment, including our treasured buildings, their architecture, and their artwork.  Confronting our history and identifying the repentances required, the Task Force has examined our parish’s indebtedness to wealth accumulated from profits of the slave trade, as well as any continuing investments that betray our Gospel intentions.  As its work concludes, the Task Force will share some of its work and make recommendations for necessary repair of the damages done.  These presentations will continue our parish’s labor for greater justice, healing, and Beloved Community.


May 1: Background and History

May 8: Recommendations and Hopes

May 15: Listening and Conversation