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ABBS Weekend Mar 18-19

March 8, 2023

Trinity Church welcomes parishioners, family, friends, and all interested in these important topics and this timely retreat in community.

Trinity will welcome Dr. Kent A. McConnell, History Chair at Phillips Exeter Academy. Drawing on Romans 5:12-19, the Events will explore the Intersection of Climate, Race and Justice.


The mission of the Anne Berry Bonnyman Symposium: 

To give Trinity Church Boston a living platform for addressing systemic racism in our church and greater community. The Symposium is designed to sustain attendees with the courage and strength to take concrete actions towards the creation of an anti-racist environment by presenting public events that promote deep introspection regarding racism and related social justice matters. These events include various activities to strengthen the resolve and the dedication required to create a community more fully anchored in Christian beliefs. The Symposium honors the Reverend Anne Berry Bonnyman (retired former rector of Trinity Church Boston) for her active commitment to social justice and the eradication of racism.


Outline of Weekend Timing and Events

Saturday, March 18

9:15 - 10:00 AM


- Grab & go light breakfast in the Commons

10:00 AM - Lunchtime

- Lecture: Dr. Kent A. McConnell, History Chair at Phillips Exeter Academy. “Resonances between the United States’ post-Civil War period and the current season of our national life.”

Following Dr. McConnell‘s lecture …

o Small group discussions & report-backs

o Lunch will be served, whilst encouraging ongoing discussions.


Sunday, March 19

8:00 AM

- Holy Eucharist

- Dr. McConnell will preach the sermon.

9:00 AM

- Coffee and Community Hour

- Dr. McConnell will greet the parish.

10:00 AM

- Holy Eucharist

- Dr. McConnell will preach the sermon.

11:15 AM – 12 NOON

- Fourth Lenten Series Lecture Romans & Righteousness (Romans 5:12-19)

- Dr. McConnell will deliver the lecture, proposing racism as the United States’ original sin and reflecting on the difficulties forgiving such a sin.


3:00 PM

- Community gathering for coffee, cake, and cookies

3:45 PM

- Moderated conversation in the Forum, including small group discussions exploring the Intersection of Climate, Race, and Justice. 

5:00 PM

- Holy Eucharist

- Dr. McConnell will preach the sermon.


Dr. McConnell’s Sunday 11:15 am lecture will be recorded and livestreamed to trinitychurchboston.org/live-worship.

Dr. McConnell’s dissertation explored religiosity following the Civil War, he has contributed to Oxford University’s Encyclopedia of African American History:1896 to the Present, and he recently addressed the Smithsonian Institutes National Museum of American History and the National Park Service’s academic symposium on John Brown. We welcome him as part of Trinity’s ABBS and Price Lecture series programs.



1. Welcome Booklet

Content includes: 2023 ABBS Weekend Agenda, Trinity Church Boston Map to "find your way", Summary of 'Romans and Righteousness' Lenten Series, ABBS Mission Statement, and Bios for Kent and Michael.

2. Facilitator Questions

Facilitator's guide and training/preparation meetings were available prior to the weekend for review. 

3. ABBS Background & Previous Years' Themes

Including a list of contacts (5 people) for the 2023 ABBS Ministry. 

4. Trinity Creation Care Ministry

A Summary sheet, intended to link the ABBS Climate theme to this relevant Trinity Ministry. 

5. Resource Recommendations

Updated to provide resources relevant to the 2023 ABBS Theme(s). 

Also includes a link to the Anti-Racism Team (ART) Ministry Resource list, last updated in 2020. 

Link to post-meeting evaluation: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/C5S757M