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Announcement about Trinity Sunday of Giving

May 31, 2022

Text-to-donate: Text code 330690 to 1-855-575-7888 for a link to the campaign page.

Website: https://donorbox.org/trinity-sunday-of-giving-2022

Dear friends,


Seemingly out of nowhere these last weeks I’ve found myself comforted by psalms I didn’t even know I knew. Humming hymns I haven’t heard in years. Offering prayers I did not write but yet sound so familiar. The words heard over a lifetime of church-going are inscribed way down deep. 


The Word of the Lord…Thanks be to God.


I am grateful for a lifetime of church-going. I am grateful for scripture and song to lift me up when I am low and for familiar prayers to lean on when my own words are insufficient.


My own words have felt woefully insufficient these last weeks. What can even be said about mass shootings and war and global health crises and economic uncertainty and fill-in-the-blank? I have been desperately searching here, there, and everywhere for the “right words” to confront so much that is wrong in the world. Turns out, those words were right here with me all along, a lexicon formed by being in church.


The institution of the church is a great gift to us both as individuals and as communities. Church is a place of refuge and renewal, of healing and of hope. Church is the family in which we are formed, where we are known and loved, where we are equipped to be co-creators of the life of the world to come. In church we break bread together and give thanks together and grieve together and witness God’s eternal love together.


In church this coming Sunday, June 5, we will celebrate the feast of Pentecost, known familiarly as “the birthday of the Church.” The following week, June 12, we will celebrate our own parish church’s feast day, Trinity Sunday. We hope you will make plans to be with us for festive worship on both these days.


On Trinity Sunday, we also plan to hold our 2nd annual "Trinity Sunday of Giving" campaign. As we piloted with great success last year, we will again join our gifts together in a one-day fundraising extravaganza to support a special and timely project. This year's opportunity comes with a uniquely Trinitarian twist, an investment in three parts - in our own parish’s needs, as well as in financial support and companionship for sister Episcopal institutions in the grieving communities of Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas.


Here at Trinity, gifts from Trinity Sunday of Giving will go toward enhancing the in-person and from-home experiences of our common worship with investments in audio and video upgrades. In Buffalo and Uvalde, relationships are still being formed, with compassion and care for the needs of those whom we will walk beside, and at the speed those partners determine most helpful to them. In the days and weeks to come we will know more about the particulars, and we will share those plans with you. 


In the meantime, we ask for your prayers and for your generosity, in the words of our prayerbook, for our own needs and those of others. As we look forward to these next two Sundays, I look forward to being in church, in person or remotely, in body or spirit, in Boston or Buffalo or Uvalde, with all of you. 





Lonsdale Koester

Interim Director of Stewardship