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Art & Architecture Forum Series Announced 

April 18, 2019

Get to know the building and art of Trinity Church in a new way!  For six summer Sundays after the 10 a.m. service, Trinity’s top tour guides and art history experts will familiarize us with this renowned architectural landmark, its history, purpose, influence, and décor.

  • 6/30—The Building Tells Our Story:  The history of the Trinity parish is written and illustrated right in the building.
  • 7/14— A Building with a Bold Spirit:  With Trinity Church, H.H. Richardson, America’s first great architect, created a bold, new American style.
  • 7/21— Walls of Color:  Phillips Brooks’ and H.H. Richardson’s conception of a “color church” and LaFarge’s execution of their vision dramatically affected how worshippers experience the space.  
  • 7/28— Painting in the Air with Light:  Trinity’s stained glass windows, whether traditional or groundbreaking, are sublime expressions of the divine in color and light.
  • 8/4— A Sacred Space: The true beauty and genius of the building is revealed when it is being used for worship.
  • 8/11— A Guided Tour of Trinity Church will highlight major points made in earlier Forums.