Coffee Together

June 11, 2020

Let’s have coffee! 

Believing the nurture of a more Beloved Community among one another makes for a more Beloved world around us, we hope that you will join a member of our worship and program staffs for a Zoom-y coffee klatch this summer.  Every weekday from Monday, June 15, through Friday, July 24, we will host a small-group conversation for up-to 7 (a good biblical number and still small enough that we can remain a single cohort).  In a spirit of encounter, rather than evaluation – focusing on our being, rather than our doing – we will introduce ourselves and respond to the simple prompt, “How are you?” 

Whether you feel new to Trinity Church or that you laid the cornerstone, see below to register for one of the many available dates, times, and hosts through July 10. We will release the registrations in two-week increments. We look forward to spending time with you! 


Mon., July 13, 8:30 am, Cathy Portlock Pacitto

Tues., July 14, 9:30 am, Marissa Hall

Wed., July 15, 3 pm, Sarah Neumann

Thurs., July 16, 12 pm, Bill Rich

Fri., July 17, 10 am, Patrick Ward


Mon., July 20, 1 pm, Paige Fisher

Tues., July 21, 9 am, Bill Rich

Wed., July 22, 2 pm, Marissa Hall

Thurs., July 23, 11 am, Paige Fisher

Fri., July 24, 8:30 am, Patrick Ward