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Death of the Rev. Samuel T. Lloyd III, Former Rector of Trinity Church

September 1, 2022

Dear Trinity Church and friends, 


Grace and Peace to you from God in Christ. 


I write to you with the word of Sam Lloyd’s death yesterday morning, August 31.  Having been admitted into Hospice care two weeks before, he died at his daughter’s house in Nashville surrounded by his family, succumbing to the cancer with which he was diagnosed while completing his second tenure as Trinity’s rector.  He is survived by his wife, Marguerite; their daughter, Cooper, and her fiancé, Peter Liu; their son, Gabriel, and daughter-in-law, Kelly Moran; and an ocean of friends and former parishioners, colleagues and students. 


I first heard Sam’s name a long time ago now, during a conversation about Stewardship.  The facilitator spoke of an audacious capital campaign that an Episcopal church in Boston was daring to imagine.  I remember both the amount of the referenced number and the incredulity in my reaction.  I also remember the facilitator’s punctuating comment: “The parishes that dream bigger achieve more.” 


My admiration for Sam’s professional accomplishments as a priest – in consequential seasons as chaplain, rector, and dean, from the South, to the Mid-Atlantic, to New England – have only increased by setting my sneakers next to the very big shoes he left here at Trinity. 


Sam led our parish from a model of church that prioritized the Sunday experience of music and sermon, to a day-by-day ministry of being Beloved Community – a congregation of curious, faithful souls sharing their lives with one another and seeking to love the world better and more.  He nurtured Trinity with the regular devotion of the Eucharist, consistently powerful preaching, and life-changing Christian Formation for all ages – highlighted by Sam’s own teaching.  From the outside, looking in, I saw this evolution as stunningly impressive; now I recognize that transformation for what it was and remains: a miracle. 


As brightly as the Stewardship numbers still flash on the page – $100 million in 15 years, across two pastorates – the most important and enduring legacy Sam left for us cannot be measured so neatly.  With the stir of the Holy Spirit, the ministries of fearlessly assembled and richly gifted staffs, and the support of an intrepid parish, Sam helped chart unexplored, vital territories for Trinity, for The Episcopal Church, and for Boston.  Yet more than the transformation of our historic campus; more than turning the gears that would become the Trinity Boston Foundation, and, in time, Trinity Boston Connects; Sam’s ministry synergized this congregation in the experience of our God working in the faithful “more than any one or any few alone could ask or imagine.” 


Therefore, when I reflect on the grand visions of Sam and his compatriots – so many of whom continue their faithful ministry in our pews and in our city – I do not first imagine the lithe icon in our pulpit; I imagine the generosity of the Lloyd family, whole-heartedly sharing their life for the sake of their community’s righteous dreams; I think of Sam not merely as priest, but of Sam as a person, serving God’s Church as a husband, father, and friend – the one who celebrated his daughter’s engagement this year and who danced at his son’s wedding scarcely a month ago.  I believe it is that beloved one whom God has now welcomed as familiar and fond: “Well done, good and faithful servant.” 


The memorial celebrating the life of the Rev. Samuel T. Lloyd III will be held at All Saints Chapel, the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee, on Wednesday, September 7, at 2 pm (3 pm EDT). 


In her own words, Marguerite has written to us: 


Dear Trinity Friends, 

Please know how much Cooper, Gabriel, and I appreciate your loving expressions of support and your prayers.  Trinity Church is indelibly imprinted on each of us, and we will always be grateful for the privilege and joy of our 18 years of life spent with you. 

As Sam has said more than once, “We are all on our way home, to our home in God, and our life in Christ is what sustains our journey.”  We’ll never cease being thankful for the life in Christ we got to share with you for our two seasons together. 

Love and blessings, 



The Lloyds have requested that condolences and remembrances be sent to their home address: 209 Clara’s Point Road, Sewanee, TN, 37375. 


With grateful hearts and with continuing prayer for all who grieve, we commend this good man to God’s care and keeping: 


In the name of God the Father Almighty who created you; 

In the name of Jesus Christ who redeemed you; 

In the name of the Holy Spirit who sanctifies you. 

May your rest be this day in peace, 

and your dwelling place in the Paradise of God. 





The Rev. Morgan S. Allen 




The plaque dedicating the Forum to Sam’s ministry reads: 


The Reverend Samuel T. Lloyd III 

Rector (1993-2005, 2011-2017) 

Priest * Teacher * Preacher 


Leader of the efforts to create a gathering space below the sanctuary for learning, community, and ministry; to deepen our connection of God through Scripture; to expand the outreach programs of the parish include the Trinity Boston Foundation; and to ensure this church building will continue to welcome, comfort, and inspire generations to come.