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Leadership Development Task Force Report

March 4, 2021

Executive Summary: At Trinity’s Annual Meeting in March 2020, our rector, Morgan Allen, announced the establishment of a yearlong Leadership Development Task Force and charged the group with providing recommendations to grow our leadership ranks and support the most impactful and healthiest possible portfolio of ministries. Morgan charged the Task Force to identify the obstacles - conscious, and unconscious - that our ministries set between our opportunities and potential leaders.

Over ten months, through conversations with current ministry leaders, the Task Force endeavored to put its finger on the underlying culture of leadership development at Trinity. We aimed to gain clarity about the spoken and unspoken traditions around leadership; to ascertain the processes for identifying leaders and “leadership potential”; and to assess how these traditions have encouraged, engaged, and inspired some but distanced, alienated, and disillu- sioned others. This report summarizes our findings and provides some considerations for the Vestry to evaluate - all of which are aimed at building a more open and inclusive beloved community.