Lenten Formation Series 2023: Romans & Righteousness

February 22, 2023

Drawing on each Sunday’s lesson from Paul’s letter to the church in Rome, Morgan Allen and Michael Battle will build toward our Anne Berry Bonnyman Symposium:

February 26, (Romans 1:1-7) – Morgan will introduce the person of Paul and overview the theme of God’s righteousness in Romans. Click here to watch the recording.

March 5, (Romans 4:1-5, 13-17) – Michael will explore faith and justification in the Abraham story. Click here to watch the recording.

March 12, (Romans 5:1-11) – Michael will explore faith and justification in the Jesus story. Click here to watch the recording.

March 18-19 (Romans 5:12-19)
The Anne Berry Bonnyman Symposium will welcome Dr. Kent A. McConnell, History Chair at Phillips Exeter Academy.

On Saturday, March 18, Dr. McConnell will present his first lecture at 10 am, considering the resonances between the United States’ post-Civil War period and the current season of our national life. Small-group discussions and report-backs over a light lunch will follow the presentation.

On Sunday, March 19, Dr. McConnell will greet the parish during the 9 am Coffee & Community Hour, preach all three Sunday services, and deliver his second lecture at 11:15, proposing racism as the United States’ original sin and reflecting on the difficulties forgiving such a sin. At 3:45 pm, Morgan will moderate a concluding conversation between Dr. McConnell and Dr. Battle.

Dr. McConnell’s dissertation explored religiosity following the Civil War, he has contributed to Oxford University’s Encyclopedia of African American History:1896 to the Present, and he recently addressed the Smithsonian Institutes National Museum of American History and the National Park Service’s academic symposium on John Brown. We welcome him as part of Trinity’s ABBS and Price Lecture series programs.

The Romans & Righteousness Forum Series and Dr. McConnell’s Sunday 11:15 am lecture will be recorded and livestreamed to trinitychurchboston.org/live-worship.

Links to the recordings will be posted right here and at trinitychurchboston.org/blog, when they are available.