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Lenten Forum Series: Companions in the Household of God

February 13, 2024

Dear Trinity Church and friends,

Greetings on this cold Mardi Gras (or Fat Tuesday)! 

As we stay warm and watch the snow flurries, we also orient our hearts toward a holy season of Lent. Lent begins tomorrow on Ash Wednesday and concludes with Holy Week, March 24-31. During the season, we listen to scripture, learn about our companions in the household of God, and love more deeply. On Ash Wednesday, our liturgy invites us to pause and remember both our mortality with ashes imposed on our foreheads, and God’s love and mercy in the form of the cross those ashes take.

We will impose ashes at each service tomorrow: the 7:30 am service will be spoken; the noon service will include congregational hymnody; and the evening service will include congregational hymnody and choir. The 7 pm service will also be livestreamed to trinitychurchboston.org/live-worship.

We also hope you will join us on Sundays for our Lenten formation series, when we will learn more about those companion organizations with whom we partner in service of our neighborhoods and our cities. In addition to our 11:15 am programs in the Lloyd Forum, we look forward to welcoming several of our presenters at 6 pm (also in the Lloyd Forum), as well.


Companions in the Household: Pine Street Inn

Sun., 2/18, 11:15 am 

In 2024, the Pine Street Inn celebrates its 54th year of ministry in Boston. During that half-century, Trinity has been a faithful companion with Pine Street in assisting those who are unsheltered in our community. Bryson King and Peter Meacham will join us to speak about the organization’s history, challenges during the pandemic, and how our Trinity hands and hearts can continue to be involved in their work. 


Companions in the Household: Ukrainian Cultural Center of New England 

Sun., 2/25, 11:15 am 

Companions walk together through struggles and joys. Over the past several war-torn years, we at Trinity have spent time in prayer and walking with our Ukrainian siblings. Our friends from the Ukrainian Cultural Center of New England will share part of their story and our continued journey together.

UCCN will also be present on Sun., 3/24 at 2 pm for a Pysanky Egg Master Class. Join in and dye eggs by signing up at this link.


Companions in the Household: Winter Walk 

Sun., 3/3, 11:15 am & 6 pm 

Anyone can experience homelessness, and all those struggling with housing insecurity have a unique story. Join us as Winter Walk’s leadership comes to talk about their hard work and partnerships to end homelessness in our greater community.


Companions in the Household: Trinity Boston Connects 

Sun., 3/10, 11:15 am & 6 pm 

Hear Charmane Higgins, Trinity Boston Connects Executive Director, and Christopher Smart, Chair of the Board of Directors, speak about the history, goals and current projects underway with Trinity Boston Connects. TBC connects people, programs, and practices to heal the traumatic impact of systemic racism on youth of color in Boston.


Companions in the Household: College Behind Bars 

Sun., 3/17, 11:15 am & 6 pm

College Behind Bars leadership will speak to their program, offerings, and opportunities to companion with those individuals who are incarcerated and striving towards transformation within the household.


Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating Master Class

Sun., 3/24, 2 pm

Pysanky is the Ukrainian name for a wax-resist decorative egg, the pysanka. Pysanka comes from the verb pysaty, meaning "to write", as the designs are written onto the egg with beeswax, rather than painted. This practice is a very ancient and beautiful tradition, most commonly done before Easter. Once finished, these pysanky can be used on the Easter table or as house decorations. Alona Popova will be our pysankarka for this class. Sign up for the Pysanky Master Class here.


See more plans for Lent and Holy Week in our latest mailer by clicking here.

God's Peace,

The Rev. Abigail W. Moon
Senior Associate