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Parish Census Now Open

August 29, 2023

Dear Trinity Church and friends, 

Grace and Peace to all you who hold Trinity dear!

As we look ahead to the strengthening of Trinity's ministry infrastructure thanks to the recently launched Ministry Council, and to the exciting offerings set for the upcoming Program Year, today we announce the opening of Trinity's semi-regular Parish Census.  

Taken every 5-10 years*, the Parish Census updates the contact information of everyone who cares about Trinity and considers themselves a part of the parish, whether formal members or fond friends. Notably, this 2023 Census will fortify the foundation of an updated Parish Directory, currently slated for publication in 2024. The Census will also help us collect demographic information that is newly required for us to submit as part of the “Parochial Report,” a canonically required instrument Trinity annually submits to The Episcopal Church. Finally, this data will also help Trinity better understand the makeup of our Beloved Community.  

One Census should be completed for each household; the form includes sections to record the details for multiple individual household members. Most will find the electronic Census to be the most user-friendly and convenient option. If you prefer an alternative to a digital form, please contact me at apoor@trinitychurchboston.org

The Census will also include a mechanism for uploading photos to be used in the new directory, so be sure to have those handy when you are ready to begin. Depending on the size of your household, plan to spend approximately 10-20 minutes filling out the Census. 

Enthusiastic and complete participation in Trinity's Parish Census helps us all to know and love each other better, to seek and serve Christ in one another more fully, and to proclaim the Gospel more effectively within our community and beyond. Thank you for completing your Census at your earliest convenience.

With gratitude, 

Alison Poor
Director of the Rector's Office 


* Trinity most recently conducted the Parish Census in 2016, 2005, and 2000. The 2023 Census will be the first in more than 20 years not connected with a capital campaign or leadership transition.