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Profile Committee Presents Plan, Invites Feedback

November 2, 2017

The Parish Profile Committee made its first presentation to the parish at the Sunday Forum, October 29.  The committee shared  its vision and plan, and invited feedback and engagement as part of its important work in the search for a new rector.  Co-chairs Keith Morgan and Kathy Sheehan provided an overview of the process to develop a profile.  Member Bill Walch talked about how the process is one of Christian formation.  Member Susan Dukess discussed plans for the parish to be part of this discernment, including the development of a parish-wide survey and small group discussions in November, December and early January 2018.  Dukess encouraged questions and suggestions from those assembled, and invites further discussion and input from all.  


Watch the Video Here!


Next actions: the committee is developing the questions it should be asking the parish, and seeks feedback. Parishioners are invited to submit ideas and questions in writing to Profile Commitee in the P mailslot in the reception area, or via email to ParishProfile@trinitychurchboston.org

Video of the Forum and copies of the handouts and Bill Walch's remarks, as well as the most current news about the work of the Profile and Search Committees, can be found on the Rector Search page.