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October 9, 2020

Fall Registration for Home for Faith Small Group is closed. Stay tuned for when registration opens up again.


Faith at Home  

Inspired by Faith at Home: A Handbook for Cautiously Christian Parents by Wendy Claire Barrie, we’ll explore how to bring our faith into our home life.  We'll draw upon our collective experiences, questions, quandaries, and ideas for how we talk about and incorporate faith into our family lives.  Hosted by Julia Martin.  


From Our House to Yours: What Would You Include in a Time Capsule to the Trinity Church of 2070? 

The idea of a time capsule caused us to imagine what we would put in it to interpret this present time. We invite you to share those items or practices that have grounded or lifted you in this year of challenge. Along the way we will consider the wisdom of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and His Holiness the Dalai Lama offered in The Book of Joy. Hosted by Harvey and Linda Davidson.  


Climate change:  What breaks your heart, and what gives you hope?    

We'll explore how our Trinity church community can be a theological home for conversation, for questions, for understanding, for inspiration and for leadership in the face of myriad issues presented by climate change upon “this fragile earth, our island home.”  Climate Church, Climate World by Jim Antal, national spokesperson on climate change for the United Church of Christ, will provide a reference point. Hosted by Bob Cowden and Pauline Haddad.  


Ministry’s Meaning: Our Lives and God's Work  

What does it mean to be God’s “hands and feet” in the world? Some of us do this through our professional work. Some do it through parenting and other modes of care for others. Still others of us practice (and just now may be on “pause”) from organized ministries in the church or through other volunteer organizations. Together we will explore and reflect on the role of ministry in our lives, its challenges and rewards, and how to better support one another in service to God’s cause of love and justice.  Hosted by Bill Walch and Diana Carson.  


Sunday Supper 

What past experiences have connected food and ministry for you?  How has that changed or evolved in recent months? What role can cooking, eating and feeding have in our life of faith under COVID-19? Let's get to know each other and talk about food and faith!  Hosted by Karla and Jonathan Bays. 


Solitude and the Creative Life  

Writer Fenton Johnson is interested in an ongoing “demographic revolution” – the “astonishing numbers of people worldwide who are choosing to live alone or who deliberately carve out periods of solitude from otherwise conventionally coupled lives.” Cueing off of Johnson’s book At the Center of All Beauty: Solitude and the Creative Life we will take a look into the lives of iconic solitaries such as Henry David Thoreau, Emily Dickinson, Paul Cezanne, and Nina Simone, and will share our experiences of silence, listening, and solitude – and their role in our lives of faith. Hosted by Steve Buck.  


A Poem for Faith  

Is there a particular poem that has become a touchstone for you? Or are you a poet yourself, willing to share your work with others in a small group setting?  Over these 3 one-hour sessions we’ll have a chance to come to know each other, to read aloud and to appreciate. Hosted by Audrey Henderson and Carol Masshardt. 


Comfort Food for the Soul  

What are the prayers, music, images, movies or stories that are bearing you up and giving you hope during this year of pandemic, pandemonium and fear? Over our three one-hour sessions we’ll get to know eachother and each group member will have some time to share an offering with the wider group. Hosted by Sue Dickinson.   


Mourning in Place   

How you have you experienced loss during COVID-19? Throughout this year we've struggled without our customary liturgies of gathering and even basic communal grieving. Our support and comfort structures are more distant and constrained. In addition to death, what other losses have these months brought, and have you discovered any resources that have helped you mourn? Has technology been a blessing or a challenge for you? Have you developed any solitary approaches that bring you peace? We’ll consider together, as conversation launcher, the short article by Edwige Danticat, “Mourning in Place” (link to be shared with those who register). Hosted by Katrina Iserman and Jonathan Ralton.