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January 28, 2021

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A Poem for Faith  

Is there a particular poem that has become a touchstone for you? Or are you a poet yourself, willing to share your work with others in a small group setting? Over these 3 one-hour sessions we’ll have a chance to come to know each other, to read aloud and to appreciate. Hosted by Carol Masshardt and Audrey Henderson. 


Childhood Gifts, Adult Faith 

Many of us at Trinity were raised in a faith community or denomination other than the Episcopal Church. What gifts do we bring from those other traditions? What brought us to the Episcopal Church, and to Trinity?  How do our childhood beliefs and experiences enrich our adult beliefs and experiences? Join us for three one-hour sessions of remembering and discovery. Hosted by Jim Meyer and John Reine. 


Climate change: What breaks your heart, and what gives you hope?  

We'll explore how our Trinity church community can be a theological home for conversation, for questions, for understanding, for inspiration and for leadership in the face of myriad issues presented by climate change upon “this fragile earth, our island home.” What can we hope for ourselves, each other, our church, and our leaders? And what can we do together to foster change? Hosted by Bob Cowden and Pauline Haddad. 


His Truth is Marching On: John Lewis and the power of hope 

John Meachum’s inspiring biography of John Lewis teaches us history and asserts faith as the foundation of evolving racial justice. Many of us will recall the incidents the book details – and hopefully have clarifying moments that will help us as we strive to discover our unity. Let’s connect and discuss! Hosted by Pamela Galgay and Judith Hurley.  


Mourning in Place  

How you have you experienced loss during COVID-19? Throughout this year we've struggled without our customary liturgies of gathering and communal grieving. Our supports and comforts seem more distant and constrained. In addition to death, what other losses have these months brought, and have you discovered any resources that have helped you mourn? We’ll begin by reflecting on a short essay. “Mourning in Place,” by the Haitian author Edwige Danticat. Hosted by Kathleen Peets and Ron Akie. 


Newer Every Day: more comfort food for the soul 

The inspiration of Ginny Harlan (who led the Taking Stock ministry for many years), the wise words of Jenny Joseph to “wear purple early” and the kind promise of Emily Dickinson to a friend (“We turn not older with years, but newer every day”) offer us the opportunity to be where we are now in the company of friends. Join our three-session small group (open to women in their late 60’s and beyond) to look at ourselves in the latter part of our life and “just talk” about aging as a spiritual journey: challenges, blessing and possibilities. Hosted by Sue Dickinson. 


Virus as a Summons to Faith: scripture, loss, grief and uncertainty  

Together we shall venture into Walter Brueggemann's recently published (and compact!) Virus as a Summons to Faith and dig into Hebrew scripture to better understand how its writers and prophets made sense of the suffering they faced. We’ll also reflect on what we have endured together this past year and look through Brueggemann's works to frame our conversations. Hosted by Alec Vaughan. 



What's So Funny: TV comedy, racial equity and us 

In three sessions we'll get to know each other and share our responses to three television clips (from Saturday Night LiveBlack-ish, and Dear White People) that use humor to open up issues of equity, justice and systemic racism.  The specific clips/episodes, for advance viewing, will be shared with all who register.  Hosted by Stephanie Bode Ward.  


Seeds and Weeds of Faith 

Gardening involves arduous labor and creativity, messiness and pests, beauty and nourishment. What might we learn about a life of faith through our nurture of plant life? Do you have an ideal garden in your imagination? An ideal life of Christian devotion and growth? Would you like to explore the practical “truths” we might experience in our natural and spiritual garden? Then join us! Hosted by Kathy Moon. 


So Long! Farewell! Now What? 

Join other Trinity parents who have recently “launched” (or are preparing to launch) their young adult children into a “next step” such as college a first apartment or a “gap years.” Which  adjustments and adaptations might we make as parents? How do our spiritual lives grow and change “after they’ve gone” – and how has the pandemic affected, reversed or interrupted our childrens’ experience of transition as well as our own? We’ll share readings from Annie Lamott, Barack Obama and Jon Kabat-Zinn and make room for our excitement, fear, regret, celebration, love and loss. Hosted by Laurie Buchta and Diana Carson.   


Spending Time: the retirement portion of your journey 

If you are recently retired, the question you probably get most from friends and family is “how are you spending your time?” You would like to come up with a creative answer (like a new hobby or traveling!) but retiring in the middle of a global pandemic adds a level of complexity.  If you have retired within the past few years or plan to retire within the next few years – come join our group!  We will look at some resources, compare notes, and have a fruitful conversation in a supportive environment.  Hosted by Vincent James and Betsy Kimball.