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Reporting from London

August 10, 2016

As one of Rainey's pilgrim's, I spent most of today in St. Alban's, visiting ancient Roman ruins and then spending a good bit of time visiting St. Alban's Abbey, which honors the man who is identified as the first Christian martyr. After a long, thoughtful visit to this beautiful and complex worship space, we made our way back to London in time to join our Trinity singers for Evensong at Westminster Abbey.

What joy and pride we felt as OUR musicians sang so beautifully and so powerfully in this very special place. Their anthem was George Herbert's "Love bade me welcome, yet my soul drew back..." I suspect that many of you appreciate those words and this music as much as I do.

Photo of Westminster Abbey by Beverly Fisher Crawford

There was one more special surprise "note" this evening. Worshiping with us were unexpected friends: Sam and Marguerite Lloyd. (I obeyed the STRICT no-photography rules and captured them at the door.) All of the Trinity singers and worshipers were happy to have them there to share such an extraordinary worship experience.

Photo of Sam Lloyd, Rector, and his wife, Marguerite Lloyd, by Beverly Fisher Crawford

Tomorrow the singers will continue their work and will sing at Westminster again. The pilgrims will be spending a long day in Canterbury.

We appreciate prayers and blessings our parish friends are sending.
Beverly Fisher Crawford