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Retirement Announcement: Louise Packard

February 21, 2019

What a gift Louise Packard has been and continues to be to this parish!  With the announcement of her retirement as Executive Director of TBF, our time of transition as a parish has an exciting new aspect.  We are blessed that Louise will still be in place during the early months of Morgan Allen’s tenure as rector.  This will provide unparalleled opportunities for Morgan to learn from Louise all about TBF and its vital importance to the ministry of Trinity.  At the same time, Morgan will be able to play an important part in the interviewing and hiring of Louise’s successor as the Executive Director of TBF.  And yet one more piece of good news: Louise will continue to be a stalwart and faithful member of the parish after her retirement, bringing her warmth and wisdom to our life together as the Body of Christ in Copley Square.   

Bill Rich

Interim Rector



Here are two letters.  One from Louise Packard, and the other from Michael Parker.


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

After almost 18 years at Trinity Church, including more than 12 years as the founding Executive Director of Trinity Boston Foundation, I have shared with the board my decision to leave the Foundation at the end of 2019. Parting from such a dynamic organization, with its extraordinary staff and board and its deeply meaningful work, is not easy. But I also believe that it is time for change, both for the Foundation and for me personally.

When we created Trinity Boston Foundation, we sought to extend the reach and impact of the church in a way that would leverage its assets – people, historic buildings, ability to convene, outreach programs and strong tradition of social justice – on behalf of the whole city. Over time we structured ourselves so that a diverse community of people of varying backgrounds, faith affiliations, and racial and ethnic identities could come together in support of our mission to change the odds for youth of color in Boston. We learned together, grew together and built a portfolio of programs that champion three Essential Community Practices: racial equity, trauma inclusion and restorative justice. We believe that these practices are fundamental to creating communities – and a city – in which everyone can thrive.

Our mission is as important as ever and I am confident in Trinity Boston Foundation’s present strength and future potential. There will be a formal, open process to choose my successor; Mike Parker, our Board Chair, shares information on this process in his companion letter below.

I am grateful to have been part of the growth and development of Trinity Boston Foundation and its programs. I remain humbled by all that I have learned and gained from you and so many others who have been supporters, partners, participants and allies. I look forward to a busy and productive year ahead, including welcoming the new leadership of the Rev. Morgan Allen, Trinity’s 21st Rector, and ultimately helping to support the new Executive Director when I pass the baton.

Thank you so much for your commitment and support. I am proud of what we have accomplished together, and I look forward with great excitement to all that the Trinity Boston Foundation community will achieve in the coming years.

With warm regards and deep appreciation,

Louise Burnham Packard

Executive Director




Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is with mixed emotions that we announce the departure of Trinity Boston Foundation’s Executive Director Louise Packard at the end of 2019.

Louise has been a passionate, driving force behind the creation and development of Trinity Boston Foundation, leading it through early start-up years to the more fully formed, thriving organization it is today. For several years now, Louise has spoken with the board executive committee about her desire to pass the baton to new leadership. She believes – and we agree – that the organization is ready for that transition.

We have engaged search consultant Susan Egmont of Egmont Associates to guide us in a thoughtful and deliberate process to find our next Executive Director. Board member Elaine Chow will chair the search committee which will include Trinity’s new Rector, the Rev. Morgan Allen; a member of the Foundation staff, Rebecca Jackson; as well as four current and past board members: Teresa Rodriguez, Pipier Smith-Mumford, Paul Zintl, and me.

We will honor Louise’s legacy by ensuring a thorough, smooth and successful transition. If you have ideas and suggestions about the search, please contact Susan directly atsegmont@egmontassociates.com or 857-449-0001.

On behalf of the entire board of directors, I extend my appreciation for your support of Trinity Boston Foundation.


Best regards,


Michael M. Parker

Chair, Board of Directors