Sing, Trinity!

October 14, 2020

To broaden participation in our hymn singing during "Worship from Home," you and your household are invited to sign up for "SING, TRINITY!" for the five Sundays in November (1, 8, 15, 22 and 29). Please choose one or two of those dates.

Here's how it works:

Eleven days before the particular Sunday we'll email you the hymns, instructions and accompaniment links. Your submission deadline is 6 pm on the Monday preceding the service. Choir members (our "Acapella Angels") will stand by to help you troubleshoot, if needed.

Wed., 10/21 Email to participants with hymns and links for 11/1

Mon., 10/26 Deadline for 11/1 hymn video submissions, 6 pm

Sun., 11/1 All Saints' Day: Worship from Home



Fiction: I'm not a good singer. No one wants to hear me sing, so this is not for me.

Fact: God gave you a voice and God wants to hear it!

Fiction: I sound terrible on this recording and I can't send it in.

Fact: Even our fabulous staff singers doubt their recording results, as do Colin and Richard when we record on the organ. "How many mistakes is too many?" It's not about perfection. Just like you do in your living room during "Worship from Home," go ahead and belt it out! You sound way better than you think. Colin and Marissa magically mash it all together each week. No one will be able to pick out your voice!

Thank you in advance for your enthusiastic participation. May God be praised in our worship and singing.