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Stewardship 2022

October 5, 2021

October 4, 2021

Dear Fellow Trinity Members,

We have a special and timely note about upcoming gatherings on October 16th and 30th.

This year as a Stewardship Committee, we have been reflecting on the great success of last year's herculean "pony express" effort. We remain humbled and express gratitude for all those who helped bring physical gifts to nearly all of the local Trinity households during that time of virtual separation. One of the wonderful insights we learned through that service was that so many in our Trinity community live so close to each other. We have church neighbors among us that we may not even know about!

This year we are invited to share in the Life of the World to Come. We thought it would be wonderful to share in that life together through some outdoor Trinity gatherings that are closer to your neighborhood. While our ambition is not as fine-grained as the pony express, we have organized four events in October that offer an opportunity to gather as a church community a little bit closer to home than on Copley Square. If your home is close to Copley Square, don’t worry - in November, we'll be hosting a final gathering at church as well.

Below you will find the details of these four gathering events, each one in a principal direction moving outward across the cities and towns from Trinity. Bring a frisbee, a football, or even a guitar as we enjoy these lovely outdoor venues and each other’s company. Light refreshments will be on offer and there will be a few ice breaking activities, but we really would like to just get together and hang out during this continued time of transition. We anticipate each event lasting about an hour and a half.

We invite you to RSVP for the location nearest to your home, or a date that works for you, and to share in the special gift of getting to know your Trinity neighbors.






We look forward to sharing in the Life of the World to Come with you!

Many thanks,

Kathy Sheehan and Josh Fiala

Stewardship Committee Co-Chairs