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'Stewardship is a collective practice in singleness of heart': Testimonial from Parishioner Tim Kelly

October 23, 2022

Good morning! My name is Tim Kelly, and it’s a privilege to be with you here today.  

I started attending Trinity when I was a college student at Boston University. I was drawn to the beauty of this space, the liturgy, music, and preaching. At that point, I was actually going to church twice on Sundays, singing in the chapel choir on campus in the morning and coming to Trinity in the evening. Beginning my week here always left me with a sense of peace, calm, and gladness every Sunday evening, no matter what had happened the week before, or what was coming ahead.  


A little over 13 years ago, I joined the choir here at Trinity and began worshipping in the morning. The choir quickly became and has remained my home within this parish. Making music in community is transformative for us in the choir, and I hope it is transformative for you as well. While we in the choir are many in number, everything we do, we do together as one in singleness of heart (and voice).


In 2015, my wife Melissa and I were married here on a very humid 90 degree day. If there is one moment when singleness of heart rings true to me, it would have to be that - not simply because of the metaphoric joining of our own two hearts, but more importantly because this community at Trinity was here with us as our marriage was celebrated and blessed.  That remains one of my most treasured moments here.  


Most recently, our daughter Charlotte was baptized here at Trinity last November, just as indoor baptisms were resuming. The resounding “We will” from the congregation when asked if they would support and uphold Charlotte in her life in Christ is a moment I’ll never forget. 


To me, stewardship is partly an individual action of prayer and commitment. But more importantly, stewardship is a collective practice in singleness of heart. I don’t think I would have begun pledging as a college student all those years ago if my contribution wasn’t part of something larger. Pledging, and truly investing in Trinity, doing what I can, has deepened my connection to Trinity Church and to God. Trinity isn’t a place I come to each week, it’s a home that provides continuous renewal and connection to The Holy. Any pledge, of any amount, by anyone, joins and amplifies the impact of our collective stewardship to make what Trinity does possible. I hope you will join our family in gladness and singleness of heart in making a pledge to Trinity. Thanks be to God for Trinity Church, for you, and for our collective stewardship of this, our parish home.


You can make your pledge by filling out the form at this link.