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Trinity Ministry Council

February 14, 2021

The Leadership Development Task Force (LDTF), launched in 2020; and the Ministry Collaborative, launched in 2021; hammered away at Trinity’s decades-long silo-ing. The best practices identified by the LDTF – expecting leaders to “faithfully work, pray, and pledge for God’s reign,” asking ministries to articulate descriptions of their work, and establishing term limits for leaders and members – have helped to shape ministries at Trinity from lifelong appointments to healthy term limit led ministries.  


The Ministry Council – about which you can read in the Leadership Development Task Force’s report – includes two leaders from each of five parish Cohorts – Facilities, Finance, and Administration, Lifelong Formation, Outreach & Justice, Hospitality and Care, and Worship – in addition to support from other senior staff. Each of these Cohorts, partnered with members of our Program and Administrative Staffs, will convene with leaders of those resonant ministries they comprise.  


In the formation of the Ministry Council, ministry gaps were identified and assessed. Based on the feedback we received from the parish, we also identified ministries that have reached their conclusion and nurtured them to sunset. We continue to brainstorm opportunities to support, reinforce, and diversify existing ministry rosters.  


The Ministry Council will help us move beyond our Sunday-worship focus – and build a stronger more beloved community engaging all of our community together. 


Here is the Ministry Council Ministry Information Sheet (you can also click on the image to download the PDF):


Below is the current leadership:

2024-2025 Leadership 

Finance, Facilities, & Administration  

Vestry Liaisons: Tim Martin (Building Committee Chair); Chuks Okoli (Audit Committee Chair);  

Staff Support: Rob Hess (CFO) and Lonsdale Koester (Director of Stewardship)  

Cohort Co-Conveners: Kathy Sheehan  and Sukaina Garcia


Hospitality & Care  

Vestry Liaisons: Christine Arcese, Christopher Atwood, Peter Renner  

Staff Support: Kit Lonergan (Priest for Welcome & Care) and Paige Fisher (Associate for Community Life)  

Cohort Co-Conveners: Christine Arcese and Laurie Buchta  


Lifelong Formation  

Vestry Liaisons: Josh Fiala, Niven Narain, Katie Wrisley Shelby  

Staff Support: Abi Moon (Senior Associate) and Katrina Leslie (Minister for Youth & Young Adults)  

Cohort Co-Convener: Katie Wrisley Shelby and Peter Howe  


Outreach & Justice  

Vestry Liaisons: Richard Henderson, Constance Perry, Pam Waterman  

Staff Support: Michael Battle (Theologian-in-Community) and Alison Poor (Director of the Rector’s Office)  

Cohort Co-Conveners: Pam Waterman and David McFerrin  



Vestry Liaisons: Mary Roetzel  

Staff Support: Abi Moon (Senior Associate) and Colin Lynch (Director of Music)  

Cohort Co-Conveners: Mary Roetzel and Brad Johnson 


Learn more about the Ministry Council by watching the recorded Forum presentation from January 28, 2024.

Contact ministrycouncil@trinitychurchboston.org with any questions or if you're interested in joining a ministry.