Christine Arcese ('26)

A lifelong Episcopalian, Christine was raised as a member of Saint Mary’s (f. 1703) in Burlington, NJ. Many of her most important childhood memories took place in that church as she was baptized, confirmed and then married there in 2002 to Eric. When staying with Eric’s family in Boston, they would frequently visit Trinity for services which started a long distance love of the parish. When in 2016, they moved to Duxbury, MA, they began to attend services regularly with their two children, Anna (now 14) and Olin (now 11). They both felt they had finally found their home at Trinity after years on the move for their careers. Christine and Eric volunteered to teach Sunday school and during that time, their children began singing with the Choristers. After following the choir during their last trip to England, Christine and Eric served together as parent liaisons for the Chorister program. During COVID, you could catch Christine singing in the background of choir video recordings, decorating the Narthex for the Christmas viewing in 2020, working with the return to church committee members on COVID protocols or administering COVID tests prior to Candlelight Carols and Christmas services. Professionally, Christine worked for General Electric in IT doing various project management and leadership roles for 15 years. All the while, she and Eric restored and designed homes and after a move to NC, Christine decided to change professions to become an interior designer. She now owns her design business, Lark + Soul, and does work throughout the Northeast.