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Total Praise: The Promise and Power of Anti-Racism

February 21, 2021

Close your eyes.

Think of the sounds of church.

What does church "sound" like to you?

In most churches, church "sounds" and perhaps even feels as it did centuries ago.

While many of us are grounded joyfully in the Anglican choral tradition, how do we grapple with its inherent Eurocentricity? How do we honor our tradition while living into the promise and power of anti-racism found in music?

Our Bonnyman Forums this year explore our life in church through considerations of space, sound and Spirit – and in this second of three forums our guest, Arreon Harley-Emerson, explores music, tradition and anti-racism. Composer, conductor, equity coach and nonprofit strategist, Arreon Harley-Emerson is also director of the Choir School of Delaware.




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