Dever School Book Drive volunteers

Elementary School Classroom Assistants

If you would like to support children as they learn to read, write, and explore math and science, consider volunteering as a classroom assistant at the Blackstone or Grew Elementary Schools – two of Boston’s most challenged public elementary schools. Each volunteer is assigned to a classroom where they coordinate with the needs of the teacher to assist in supporting the children’s learning. This may be 1-1 tutoring with a child, conducting a small group lesson, or helping with a whole class activity. Consistency and commitment are important for any volunteers who work with children; those who are interested in participating in this important work are asked to establish a dependable schedule. Periodically, Trinity volunteers sponsor parish-wide book drives to help replenish a public school library or give books as gifts to students at holiday time.

Ministry Leader at Blackstone: Keith Morgan
Ministry Leader at Grew: Marty Cowden