Trinity Church, Trinity Boston Foundation, and Boston Public Schools staff at McCormack Middle School

McCormack School Library Volunteers

In 2015, Trinity volunteers helped establish a library at the McCormack Middle School, where previously there wasn't one. Volunteers work in teams at the library in two-hour shifts, 12:15-2:15, a minimum of one day per week, Mon. - Thurs., during the school year. Tasks include stocking books and helping children choose reading-level appropriate materials. Opportunities include serving as a lending librarian, a reading mentor, or a reading "promotor," all of which require creativity and flexibility in encouraging middle-schoolers to engage with books. The school's library serves as a warm, welcoming, and relaxing place for students, many of whom have experienced trauma in their homes or communities. Volunteers help provide a nurturing and enriching atmosphere.  

Ministry Leaders: Diana Carson and Jane Deland


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