Jess Leffler encourages Sole Train runners.

Sole Train Mentors

Run with Sole Train: Boston Runs Together! Trinity Boston Foundation’s running and goal-setting program brings together youth and adults with varying levels of running experience. Share camaraderie, inspiration, and encouragement as you train together for Boston's Run to Remember, a five-mile race, or a half marathon. Affectionately called “Old Soles,” adult volunteers are not so much “mentors” to youth as  “sole mates” working to apply resolve and resilience to life’s challenges—which just happens to include a lot of running along the way! Old Soles attend all practices, engage with all Sole Train participants (from youth to site coordinators to full-time staff), and are eager to participate in Sole Train races and team-building activities. Old and Young Soles alike learn that they have the ability to go distances they never imagined possible.

Program Leaders: Jess Leffler and Alicia Ridenour