Going Deeper: Growing in Faith and Knowledge Archives: September 2018

The Rev. Rita Powell
September 13, 2018
Come, Sing Unto The Lord One thing the Bible is clear about: singing is a part of how we honor, praise and celebrate God.  Listen to this, which is just a small sampling from the Psalms: Sing praise to the LORD, you His godly ones, And give thanks to His holy name. (Psalm 30:4)Read More >
The Rev. Rainey Dankel
September 6, 2018
Trinity Church has many beautiful stained glass windows, the majority of which are visible to all of us.  But there’s one window that most of us never see.  It is in the sacristy, the little room off the Clarendon vestibule, originally used for the vesting of the clergy and as the place where itemsRead More >

Going Deeper: Growing In Faith And Knowledge

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