Going Deeper: Growing in Faith and Knowledge Archives: May 2019

The Rev. Patrick Ward
May 30, 2019
Today’s the day: the Feast of the Ascension. Always on a Thursday, forty days after Easter, Ascension arrives as a day resonant with mystery and meaning. It’s a sort of pivot point in the cycle of celebration that begins with Easter and concludes a week from this Sunday with Pentecost.Read More >
The Rev. Morgan Allen
May 23, 2019
Dear Trinity Church and friends,   What a joy it has been to worship with you these first four weekends of our ministry together!  And what a privilege to have preached those same Sundays.  Collectively, I hope a purposeful arc might now be discernable:  Read More >
The Rev. Rita Powell
May 16, 2019
Last Saturday afternoon, I checked into a hotel room in a seventeenth century convent.  The ceiling was low, and striped with whitewash and dark beams.  A somber antique portrait of a thoughtful young woman at a desk was over the bed.  I went over to the deep window, opened the wooden shutter andRead More >
The Rev. Dr. William Rich
May 9, 2019
I was a wet-behind-the-ears first year seminarian in the fall of 1977.  In the hopes of getting to know some fellow students, I remember the night I wandered into The Fatted Café, a student hang-out in the lower-level of one of the dorms at Yale Divinity School.Read More >
May 6, 2019
The following are the discussion guide and lectionary readings put out by the national church for this week.  Read More >

Going Deeper: Growing In Faith And Knowledge

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