Going Deeper: Growing in Faith and Knowledge Archives: January 2017

January 29, 2017
The Rev. Dr. William W. Rich, Vicar, and The Rev. Patrick C. Ward, Associate Rector for Pastoral Ministries and Welcome, present some keys to understanding the Jesus you will meet in church on Sundays in these coming months. Read More >
Beverly Crawford and Peter Smiledge
January 26, 2017
One of the happy results of H.H. Richardson’s design of Trinity is a very open chancel that welcomes worshippers and enables close examination of its elegant layers of symbolic decoration. The next time you make your way up to the altar, take a moment to look for some of these symbols and considerRead More >
January 15, 2017
The Rev. Dr. Matthew Potts, Assistant Professor of Ministry Studies at Harvard Divinity School, contribues to a special forum reflecting on current political issues through the eyes of faith. Also led by The Rev. Rainey G. Dankel, Associate Rector for Community Outreach, and Simone John, OutreachRead More >
Beverly Crawford and Peter Smiledge
January 10, 2017
The Dove Another recurring icon at Trinity Church is the dove.  In Luke’s Gospel, the Holy Spirit descends in the form of a dove as Jesus is being baptized.  Thus, the dove became the dominant symbol for the Holy Spirit, with the dove often depicted in descent from a high, central point in a churchRead More >