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Goings and Comings

The Rev. Dr. William Rich
June 20, 2019

Summer in Boston always brings a time of change, the goings and comings of mass migration.  As May passes into June, huge numbers of students “commence,” and begin moving on to new ventures in new venues.  A cascade of mixed feelings naturally accompanies such transitions.  Joyful celebrations mark all that has been accomplished, yet collide with anxieties about the changes afoot, and what the next chapter will be like.


We are in a time of goings and comings here at Trinity as well.  This weekend marks Rita Powell’s “commencement,” and on Sunday we will give thanks to God for the many gifts with which she has graced this parish over the past six years in arenas as diverse as liturgy, youth, and social justice.  As she crosses the Charles to become the Episcopal Chaplain at Harvard, we rejoice in the ministries we have shared, while at the same time recognizing the gap we feel at her departure.


This Sunday we will also celebrate the eighteen years of dedicated service rendered to Trinity by Sarah Wilcox, our Senior Parish Administrator, as she prepares to retire in early July.  Her ministry has included expert oversight of our finances and many administrative aspects of parish life, as well as steady guidance of the building projects fostered through two major capital campaigns. As she stands at the threshold of spacious time with her husband, Stephen, and the joys of working in her beloved garden, we give thanks for the love she has poured out in faithfully tending the fabric of our parish’s life.    


When the disciples stood gazing into heaven (Acts 1:10) at the time of Jesus’ departure at the Ascension, I think they must have felt bereft, wondering what life would be like without Jesus familiar bodily presence.  They could not then know what we know – that they would soon be visited by the life-changing dynamo of the Holy Spirit’s energy coming into their midst and galvanizing them for exciting new ventures in Christ’s name. 


And so it is with us.  As Rita and Sarah move on, we know that the Holy Spirit has already begun to pour into Trinity’s life new energy and vision through the coming of Morgan Allen as the parish’s 21st Rector.  Although we cannot yet foresee exactly what new horizons of love and service the Spirit will call us to under Morgan’s leadership, we can be sure of two things.  First, as Jesus promised, we will not be left comfortless (John 14:18), for we can count on the Holy Spirit to animate us, encouraging us by a clear sense of the Divine Presence and vision for the joyful work that is ahead.  And second, the gifts that Trinity needs for the coming years of ministry will be provided through many souls.  Some of those souls are already here, while others are just now coming, beginning to make their way here to strengthen and expand the life we share as the Body of Christ in Copley Square. 


As we continue to welcome Morgan and his family, with the gifts of the Spirit that they are bringing into Trinity’s life, may we also open our eyes and hearts to welcome the new souls that the Holy Spirit will be sending this way, in joyful anticipation of the exciting new chapters of ministry that are even now beginning to unfold.     


In gratitude for all the gifts of the Spirit that we share,

The Rev. Dr. William Rich



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