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Known and Loved: Pat and Betsy Hart

October 21, 2019

Our family came to Trinity in 2016 when my work brought us to Boston.  It was our ninth move in 16 years.  With each of our moves, finding a church home is part of the settling in process.  We typically church shop until we find the one that feels right for our family. The options are always exclusively Episcopal… Betsy and I are both Cradle Episcopalians who met at Sewanee, so the denomination is firmly decided.  But nevertheless, the choices can vary greatly.  We have been members of large bustling churches and small struggling parishes.  After a few underwhelming visits in the area, we heard from a Sewanee friend that Sam Lloyd was in Boston, and that we needed to find his church.  We figured we’d visit, maybe check out Candlelight Carols, but probably wouldn’t want to trek into the city every Sunday when we’d be coming all the way from Belmont.  But, one Sunday morning service and it was decided--this was the one that felt right. It was big and beautiful, but felt warm and welcoming.  There were so many programs and people (and not just old people), and tons of kids!  We knew we wanted to be a part of this community.  


It didn’t take long for our daughters, Mary Scott and Libby, to be recruited into the Chorister Program and our son Chris joined this Fall.  While the commitment is a big one, the experience for our children has been life-changing.  The choir is not just excellent musical education, but a loving family which has done wonders for the spiritual growth of our children. We feel so blessed to be part of a community where our children are accepted, nurtured, challenged, and loved. This love extends to their experience in Sunday school and youth group. It truly takes a village and we are lucky to have this church village full of loving adults who are invested in the spiritual development of our children. 


This August marked our third year in Boston. We have now lived here longer than any place since Betsy and I were in college, and we plan to stay. This difficult decision was made easier because of our experience at Trinity and how fortunate we feel to be part of this community. Our parents and siblings can still be found at Episcopal churches across the panhandle of Florida. By choosing to make Boston our home, it is all the more important to have a loving church family and we have found that here. We have and will continue to receive far more gifts from Trinity than we could ever give. And so, we pledge our time, talent, and treasure, because we want to make sure we do our part to nurture this very special place. 

Pat and Betsy Hart



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