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Known and Loved: Vincent James

November 12, 2019

I am originally from New York City, but have lived in Boston  more than  25 years,  working in higher education  administration.  My early education,  as well as  church, was Lutheran.  When I came to Trinity Church 12  years ago, it was because of the choir. I was looking for a choir I could join in the Back Bay.  I heard great things about the Trinity choir, and I liked that there was a 6  p.m.  service option. But I didn't plan  on becoming a pledging member.   


Well, something happens when you attend church here every Sunday.  It is hard not to get swept into all that Trinity offers.  I guess you can say as you become more known, you become more loved.  One way to be more known is to take advantage of all the touchpoints that Trinity provides.    


It was  a past  Celebration Sunday where I heard about the Robert Treat Paine Society. I participated with the group and quickly realized those brass pew numbers do not stay polished by themselves.   


A former minister said for a building structure as intimidating as Trinity’s, visitors would like to come in and see people in action who are from similar cultures and heritages.  I decided to be a lesson reader at the 6 p.m. service as at that time, there were no persons of color serving in that role. I am used to speaking in public, but the Word of God impacts me more when I am standing at the eagle lectern.  I was asked to be a Lay Eucharistic Minister.  You will see me carrying the Cross down the aisle—a part of the service I do not take lightly.  


I have served on clergy discernment committees, including the recent Rector Search Committee, and am so excited with Morgan Allen as our Rector. 


When I heard ministers give the benediction that “life is short, and we do not have enough time to gladden the hearts of others,” it went straight to MY heart. When my mom passed away 11  years ago in Jackson, Mississippi, I mentioned it to the Rev. Paige Fisher not realizing she was from Jackson as well. She showed much compassion and gave me the time that I needed.  


To paraphrase a verse from the Bible, “the more blessings you receive, more is expected of you.”  Trinity embraces that in sincere ways,  from  the programs of  Trinity Boston  Connects  with the youth of Boston, to our  outreach programs that serve with those who are unhoused  such as Sunday Night Living Bread, Boston Warm, Pine Street Inn and Rosie’s Place.    


But that verse doesn't just apply to the church, it applies to us as well.  I just could not see myself taking advantage of all Trinity has to offer without making a regular contribution as a way of showing my support and appreciation.   I have even set up Trinity as a payee through my online banking service so that the contributions are consistently received whether I am at service or away on business.  


So, I pledge  to Trinity – not my original plan – but hard not to do given the blessings I have received. I hope you feel the same way, too.  


Vincent James, Parishioner


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