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Praying in the Midst

The Rev. Dr. William Rich
September 25, 2018

Dearly beloved brothers and sisters at Trinity,

Like many – and perhaps all – of you, I have been caught up in the news that is swirling around Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation process before the Senate.  In the midst of all this, I have found myself praying for everyone concerned in the process, and for all of us who watch and wait.  While doing my best not to level judgment of any kind about this present situation, I also have found myself praying for all those whom I have known personally, and for every girl and woman, who has ever been – or ever will be – the victim of any kind of sexual harassment or violence. 


And I am finding very concrete help for my prayer in the Daily Office these days.  It never ceases to amaze me how often the specific situations of our daily lives are addressed by Scripture in a way that is filled with a mysterious and holy synchronicity.  This has certainly been the case in recent days, because the Daily Office readings have included passages from the Book of Esther. 


After completing Morning Prayer yesterday (Monday), I wrote the following, and posted it on Trinity’s Facebook page called: Daily Prayer with Trinity Church Boston.  Perhaps it will help some of you in your prayer and reflection this week.      


“The Old Testament [Daily Office] readings recently have been from the Book of Esther.  Today we have the moment of truth: the moment of decision and risk for Queen Esther.  It is death for anyone to go in to speak with the king without being summoned first.  But Esther has learned of the plot to destroy her people – the Jews – and must decide whether to risk her life by speaking of this to the king, or protect herself by remaining silent.  Esther finds the courage to speak, despite the risk.  I cannot help but think of the two women who have decided to risk much by breaking their silence to speak about their disturbing experiences with Judge Kavanaugh.  Whatever the outcome of their speaking, may blessed Esther’s example strengthen them to persevere in the midst of all that is unfolding.  And as I am called to pray for all, may Judge Kavanaugh also find some holy example to lead him as he seeks the strength to speak truth in the present swirl.”


And so I pray for all of us at Trinity that, in the midst of what is unfolding in Washington, we may find the resources for both prayer and action that will keep us grounded in the infinite compassion and justice-seeking-goodness of the God who made us each to show forth the divine image in our words and deeds.   


Your fellow servant in Christ Jesus,

Bill Rich

Interim Rector


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