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Price Lecture • Grow On Flow On: A Conversation with ProBlak

March 11, 2021

Rob “ProBlak” Gibbs is a visual artist and organizer who has been transforming the cultural landscape of Boston through graffiti art since 1991. For ProBlak, graffiti acts as a contemporary form of hieroglyphs, a way to document and pay homage to underserved, underhead communities in the city. His vision- to beautify the predominantly black and brown communities of Boston- is a driving force behind his artistic practice. Currently artist in residence at the Museum of Fine Arts and with a particular focus on supporting teen artists, ProBlak co-directs the MFA’s Mural Project. A guide to installations around the city is at The Mural Project | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (mfa.org). Make time to visit some of his work before joining us – or as a follow-up.

You can visit the artist's website here.


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