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Tunnel of Love:  Notes and Links from the Forum Series 2/2

The Rev. Morgan Allen
February 6, 2020

Dear Trinity Church and friends,

Grace and Peace to you and yours!  I look forward to being with you this Sunday for the last installment of our at 11:15 a.m. “Tunnel of Love” series.


From Darkness to Light

Last week, we celebrated “The Presentation” of the infant Jesus in the temple, and, in conversation with Bruce Springsteen, we considered both parenthood and what it means to be somebody’s child.  We began with choristers singing the Magnificat (Luke 1:39-56), and continued by watching Springsteen’s reflection on “Jesus Was An Only Son” from his Storytellers performance; his On Broadway performance of “My Father’s House;” and his On Broadway introduction to “Long Time Comin’.”  Following a brief conversation about our “ancestral” and “ghostly” experiences as sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, we concluded with a 2009, full-band performance of “Living Proof,” which anticipates this week’s session.

This Sunday we will consider Springsteen and faith, binding the “little piece of the Lord’s undying light” to the moment-by-moment choice we face between hope and despair.  We will begin with the On Broadway performance of “Land of Hope and Dreams,” and the introduction (found here as Part 1 and Part 2) and performance of “Born to Run.”  We will conclude with what will be our most spacious opportunity for conversation, about the day’s presentation, as well as reflection on the series as a whole.


While the language is authentic to the context, please note that this Sunday’s Forum videos will include profanity.





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