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Video: Epiphany Forum 1 of 5

The Rev. Morgan Allen
January 16, 2024



Beginning with an underwhelming birth locale amid unexpected visitors, the season of Epiphany is all about recognizing Jesus in the ordinariness of our incarnate world. While Christmas serves as an extraordinary moment to gather and welcome the newborn savior, we are also mindful that the incarnation (God made human) story didn’t happen just once and for all. Jesus’ birth meant that all of our human-ness was to be an acceptable and possibly dwelling for God—in spite of all of our ‘us-ness’, Jesus became part of the human family.  


The season of Epiphany invites Christians to recognize, in ourselves, our neighborhoods and our communities, how God dwells among us here and now. We consider the Church to be a household of the faithful—a blended family of the highest degree—and so our forums this season will point to the varied natures and iterations of this Household of God: who are we, how do we live together, where do we live, how do we relate to one another not only as neighbors, but as members of the household. As anyone who has lived with other humans before knows, all of these questions beg of us some soul searching and values-assessing.  

These lecture-style programs during our Sunday Formation hour will begin at 11:15 am in the Church, allowing us to livestream and record the presentations.

Tune in at trinitychurchboston.org/live-worship or on our Facebook page.



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