Vested Interest Archives: September 2015

Colin Lynch
September 30, 2015
Whom does our sacred music come from? It’s an interesting question, to which we often give little thought. Were these great composers drawn closer to God through music, as we often are? Or did they even believe in the God about whom and to whom they wrote the music that touches us so deeply?Read More >
Mary Davenport Davis
September 24, 2015
Like most people, I think, sometimes I go to church with heavy burdens that I’d like to set down for a few minutes. I find myself seeking sanctuary in worship, seeking to escape the world. And that’s all right. But if I think that I’m actually withdrawing from the world, I’m kidding myself.Read More >
Mary Davenport Davis
September 21, 2015
Last week, during the Back to School Sunday Forum, a teenager who was considering joining the Acolyte Corps asked me what an acolyte is and does. I found myself immediately struggling to come up with an answer, so I did what any good leader would do: I grabbed a nearby acolyte and asked him toRead More >
Mary Davenport Davis
September 14, 2015
When I was in eighth grade, the chaplain of the Christian summer camp I went to made us all memorize the Lord’s Prayer in the “contemporary” version—the one on the right side of page 364 in the BCP, rather than the left side.Read More >

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